Kat Millar, Get Results Training

Shell 2015

When I met Elena, I was just starting out in business as a holistic therapist, and having only just graduated with little business knowledge, I felt intimidated and overwhelmed at the idea of getting myself “out there”.

Throughout our coaching sessions, Elena was always so supportive as well as challenging me when I was limiting myself. I learned that my lack of self-worth was the key thing that was holding me back, and was also holding me back from giving my clients the value THEY deserved, as I was more focused on me and whether I was doing a good enough job, as opposed to putting my own fears and concerns aside so that I could be there 100% for my clients!

It’s truly amazing what you can discover about yourself and your beliefs through coaching, and how easy it feels to move forward once you have let go of self-imposed limitations. I now have so much more self-confidence as a practitioner and value myself, as well as what I offer in service, as I am aligned with my purpose! Thank you so much Elena for your insight, generosity and willingness to stretch me further than I ever could have on my own! I highly recommend Elena to anyone who is ready to take their business or personal life to the next level!

Michelle Rowland, Naturally Empowered Wellness

Miroslav Tomov

Daniela Manuelyan

My daughter has dyslexia and this gets me very worried about her chances in life. Elena helped me overcome a lot of my worries, and what is more – showed my girl a way to learn spelling so that now she doesn’t think it’s hard and something to be scared of, but fun and achievable. Amazing results!
Daniella M, childcare assistant

 I started my “coaching session” with high levels of anxiety – about work, about changes in my personal life, and about the sessions themselves. After the first session my stress levels went down, and after the second – my motivation about every day, and my confidence, seemed to increase considerably. I could face the day ahead! A few months down the track I have achieved a lot of changes, with so many takeaways about myself – my doubts, my strengths. And what matters most – about the way I enjoy life.
John M, IT helpdesk

I just wanted to see what life coaching can do to enhance my ok life. Little did I know that these sessions will give me direction, boost my motivation and feeling of purpose. Very powerful tools! Thank you Elena!
Michelle B, accountant

After my first sessions with Elena, my perceptions have changed in such a way that I no longer get angry with my daughter but instead I find a way to reason with her. Very grateful!
Fiona M

Ellena Ashford

It was a privilege to be coached by Elena. She made me feel confident and capable in my abilities and helped me to identify and let go of limiting language and unresourcesful behaviours.  Elena has a lovely manner about her coaching, she is calm, confident and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the entire experience.

Elena helped me move forward in my personal and professional life with greater understanding, awareness and precision. Thanks to Elena’s fantastic coaching and NLP techniques I was able to shift past pain and reframe my life into a positive and empowering perspective.

I highly recommend Elena as a coach and NLP coach.

Ellena Ashford

Elena has such a soft, soothing voice. I love our phone sessions!! I have a teenage daughter that gets me off the rails every week. Well, used to. Now we converse in a very different way. We have both changed. I feel I’m a better mum.

I had a past relationship that I didn’t want to, and couldn’t let go of. Thank you Elena for giving me my life back! And guess what – I no longer have cravings for chocolate!
Denise B, personal banker

The sessions with you are such a special experience! Thank you for your patience and wisdom, Elena!
Maria B